1. I get the error "VCRUNTIME140.DLL is missing".

Your Windows installation doesn't have a component Starport uses. To fix, download the vc++ redist from the official Starport site here:

If that one doesn't fix the problem, you can try this version:

These files are from Microsoft and are automatically included in Windows 10 and higher. After downloading, run this file to update your computer. Now try launching Starport again. If you still have the problem, send an email to support@starportgame.com or reply to this topic on the forums.

2. I just installed the game but when I try to start it nothing happens or it fails.

Right click the icon for launching Starport and choose "Properties" on the menu that comes up. Open the tab called "Compatibility". Make sure the box is checked for "Run as Administrator". This usually fixes the nothing happens problem.

More things you can try include the following:

Also in the compatibility tab of the icon's properties, you can check the box for "Run in Compatibility Mode" and select Windowws 7.

Try launching Starport again.

There's a small chance you could need to re-install DirectX. You can find the latest version of DirectX here: Microsoft DirectX Downloads.

3. The game never connects to the server. I get the error "Couldn't connect to the Starport server (error 10060)".

Usually this is a network issue. Make sure that your network is functional by opening a browser to any site you wish. If this works as it should, make sure that you are running Starport as administrator and that you are allowing Starport to use the internet. Starport is still an internet-only game and requires a functioning connection to the internet to play. If you need to explicitly update the settings for your firewall or internet security software, Starport uses the following ports for both TCP and UDP traffic: 7000, 7777, 7797, 7807, 7817, 7827, 7977, 8120, 8121, 8122, 8123, 8130, 8131, 8132, and 8133.

In the rare event that the server is down, check the forums or Facebook page for news.

4. I get screen flickering when playing the game, or other major graphical issues.

You might need to update video drivers.

Check the manufacturer of your card (or card's chipset) in your control panel -> system -> device manager -> video card, and go to that manufacturer's site for the latest drivers. Common places to get updated drivers:

  • nVidia (For nVidia based cards.)
  • ATI (For ATI based cards.)
  • Or you can try updating them through the Windows control panel.

You can also try adjusting the refresh rate of your monitor in the control panel (Display > Settings > Advanced > Monitor). Refresh rate of 60 hertz is recommended, greater than 60 probably works too.

5. I see pink outlines on everything. Can I get rid of that?

Yes, locate the directory on your computer where Starport is installed: right click the icon and choose "properties" followed by "open target location". Find a file in that directory called client.cfg and open it for editting in a text editor like Notepad. Add a line of text at the bottom of the file that says offscreen=true then save the file and launch Starport again.

6. When I try to enter a biodome I get kicked out or I don't see the buildings I should see.

If you recently installed or re-installed Starport, you might get this problem. It fixes itself and goes away in time (the client application is downloading content from the server). So, you can try just being patient, or if you like you can contact us for more clarification. Just send email to us at support@starportgame.com and explain exactly what goes wrong, and we'll be happy to help.

7. Starport isn't working or failed to update, maybe I need to re-install it?

Re-installing Starport is easy and can always be done with no risk of losing anything (your character is stored on the server). Use this procedure to do so:

  1. Go to the official download page and download the game again.
  2. Run the file that you just downloaded to re-install Starport. Now locate the launcher icon on the desktop to launch the game and play!

8. My ship spins constantly.

It's likely that an input device connected to your computer is causing this.

  • It could be a steering wheel, a flight yolk, or a game controller. It could be a fancy keyboard or mouse.
  • Try unplugging input devices from your computer, or in the case of keyboard and mouse, turning off advanced features they might have.
  • Ship controls can be customized in the Options page inside the game and that might help you with your input configuration as well.

9. I get messages like "latency too high", "packet loss too high", "UDP Error", or "too much lag" then I lose my connection.

Something is limiting your internet connection or possibly your computer.

One thing to try is power-cycling your internet hardware. To do this, un-plug the router or internet modem in your home, wait 1 minute then plug it back in. You can also try rebooting your computer.

Another potential problem is other applications running on your computer besides Starport. Try closing down other applications that might be using up your bandwidth such as other games, file downloading, or streaming video.

The problem could be related to sharing your internet connection with other people or devices, especially if they are streaming television or movies.

When in game, type the command /ping to see your statistics. You want latency to be less than 150 ms, packet loss to be less than 10%, and fps to be greater than 30 fps. If fps is low, your computer might be bogged down and running too slowly.

There's a small chance you need to enable UDP on your router. Open your router's settings by typing in into your web browser, or Try enabling UDP communications on ports 7770 thru 8140, because Starport uses ports in this range.

If none of this helps, you might be too far away from our servers in Dallas, Texas, USA, or have some other problem with your internet connection.

10. My issue or question isn't covered here. Can I contact someone at Playtechtonics for further assistance?

Absolutely! Please send email to Starport support team with your comment or question. If your email is a technical support question, please include what information you can, such as your character name, which server you are playing on, and some details about the computer you are using to play.

You may also want to check out the official forums support section, called "The Launchpad", as questions are answered there as well.