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blitz admiral club

Post by GuardianDragon » Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:00 pm

The blitz admiral club store is kinda boring. Since we get tokens from playing, it would be cool to have things to make the game fun, you know, like fireworks? things that doesn't help you fight, but will just make people laugh. Here are some simple ideas
15 Tokens: color changing beacon
50 Tokens: firework FP (shoots normal FP, then every dot of FP blows to another entire FP.)(prohibited during game as it would be a lag monster for a lot of people)
100 Tokens: rainbow laser turret
500 Tokens: turns ship into a hologram animal for a while(maybe like one game). examples: cat, squid, space fish :P
500 Tokens: be a troll and change the sun in sol to the trollol face.
50 tokens: more like a Christmas event, change the death ray into a Christmas tree. would last for one game
50 Tokens: similar as the one above, change the explosive charges into a fat cat. and mewing explosions

just a lot of playing around with the visuals.

you get the idea, just lots of things that we can waste our tokens on for some entertainment.

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