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Formation Flight

Post by GuardianDragon » Sun May 27, 2012 5:29 pm

I got this idea from playing Ace Online. So I thought we could use it here

There are flights called "Formation Flights"
you make a temporary group called a formation and 6 people at a maximum can be part of the formation. (so there can be less)
For this game, the 6 people automatically cannot attack each other. (no friendly fire) fixes the thing were we can't contract with people
There are no limits to how many formations can be made, and no fees to making a formation, a formation can be created and disbanded easily. People can join a formation at free will. For this game, there can be an option were people can join freely, or must have permission from the leader. The leader can request others to join, and kick people from the formation.
For security sake, if you D/C then you get kicked so people don't take advantage of where you D/Ced and kick you to kill.

Enough of the rules, here's the fun part
The formation flight, Is when the leader selects a flight from a list of flights, and group members can kind of...connect to the leader. You know how in real life airplanes fly in flights, like the arrow formation, were they fly forward in the shape of bowling pins? 3 in the back, 2 in the middle, and the leader is in the front.

When the leader turns the entire formation turns (haha, gives steering modules a purpose now). People who are in the formation can turn around 360 degrees from their spot in the flight. if the leader turns and rams the person on the side of a wall, then the leader cannot turn in that direction anymore, and the person that hit the wall looses energy like they normally would. So this takes some teamwork.
The leader has the option to disconnect everyone from the flight in case they get stuck. If the leader dies, then the formation disconnects.
Each flight gives a bonus to stats. the arrow formation that I mentioned above, has the leader at the front. He's an easy target, so a good bonus for that flight would to give every attack bonus damage. other flights can increase speed of the leader, defense, energy regen ect.

The more people in the formation flight at once, the greater the bonus is to the entire formation in the flight.

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