colony repair...

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colony repair...

Post by xi » Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:20 pm

well i think u should be able 2 select repair ship under things colonies are instead of entertain, they would repair all ships docked in colony...and u could rush if u just basically wanna buy shields for urself, but rushing is a bit more expensive than a starport...idk just an idea....

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Post by Nomad » Thu Dec 27, 2007 9:28 pm

the major problem that i see with this is that it's going to cause a lot of problem in relation to fighting/reshielding by being able to land on the colony with no port present in the system - ports and being able to reshield/having to reshield and deal with increasing port prices is a deliberate action - if you are able to reshield at any colony that you own it also would drastically change the face of invasion - once you took one colony in the system without a port, you would no longer be forced to go 1-4 (less/more) hops to reshield.

On top of that shield prices in port are related to the amount of shields purchased, with your system it doesn't sound like there would be a cost to repairing your ship (that would be related to the amount of times that you reshielded - increasing as it would be) like what happens in a normal port

Yes, i probably made that more confusing that it had to be - but i have a tendency to do that

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