Scale Pollution Rates by Total Colony Count

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Scale Pollution Rates by Total Colony Count

Post by Jiachi » Wed Nov 21, 2007 7:45 am

Pollution is supposed to be a top-end counter against people with larger numbers of colonies, by making these players log in for more than 5 minutes a week to 'keep their hoard'. Therefore, make the rate at which pollution accumulates depend on your total # of colonies, as well as it currently works (according to the # of followers per colony), for both individuals and corporations. This way, pollution will have effects much closer to its original intentions and work with the 'more recent' patches; a problem amongst the most powerful players, encouraging the contracting of newer/lower ranked players to retain a stable empire, or at least cleaning up the messes themselves. :mrgreen:


Player Acting has 1-100 colonies. Pollution accumulates at 10% of our current rates 'per colony' for him, so he nary has to log in for or even worry about cleaning his planet(s).

Corporation Blue overall has 450 colonies. Pollution accumulates at 45% of our current rates for them. Someone logs in at least every other week just to ensure disasters don't cripple or obliterate their progress. They have considered hiring a contractor for this task, so they could.

Player Chiquia's has 1,320 colonies. Pollution capped at our current rate 'per colony', at the 1,000 colony mark. This ambitious player has contracted the max of 3 people to ensure his mighty empire survives while he's busy fending off the other superpowers competing upon his server.

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