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New Players Guide + FAQ

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 9:03 pm
by Nightmare
New Players Guide:


Version 1.0 Basic guide posted
Version 1.1 FAQ added
Version 1.2 FAQ updated and more tips added
Version 1.2.1 FAQ updated with recent patches
Version 1.2.2 FAQ further updated
Version 1.2.3 Guide and FAQ updated according to the recent 25k pop domes and research patches.
Version 1.2.4 Deleted server list, added Q&A, correcting of some spelling errors.
Version 1.2.5 language improved, some additions, correcting of some spelling errors.

Note: Please use CTRL + F to quickly search through this guide/FAQ to search the info you need!

Starport Galactic Empires (abbreviation: SGE, some people use the word
“port”) is a strategic massive multiplayer online game, and is based around the player being the pilot of a spaceship.
With this spaceship you can roam the galaxy and do all kinds of activities such as: Build colonies, Fight non-playable characters (NPCs) or other players, Trade resources around, Cab NPCs all over the galaxy, Escort NPCs across the universe, Steal cash and resources or invade colonies owned by other players.

For direct help in-game, use the /help command and also read the starpedia!


In starport, it is important to know some basic abbreviations and typical starport language (slang), so here here is a list of words and what they mean.

Arti - ->Artefact
Artefact - collect these! They will give you useful bonuses (which are permanent, multiple artefacts of the same kind can be collected and viewed in the profile window (under your character portrait))
BO: Blast-off, point of entry on a colony/planet.
cloak - Cloak of Disguise (Artefact: helps when stealing from ports)
corp - corporation, group of players that work together (like a clan in other games)
E - east, compass direction
eminator - ->Shield Eminator (Artefact: raises shield efficiency with 7%)
exp - experience (for nearly everything you do in the game you get exp)
go – “go!". Battle command.
grav - graviton beam, it's an auto aim weapon that can attack up to 3 targets at the same time.
Hop - jump trough a warpgate, warpgates are used to go from one system to another one.
IGP - Intergalactic Paradise, there are three of them in each galaxy, has many bonuses
IG - (the) Intergalactic(s), the race that left all those ->Artefacts
IGS – Intergalactics’ Ship (costs $10 to buy, real money that is, one of the best ships)
IG suit – intergalactics’ spacesuit (Artifact: increases dexterity 2)
IG map – intergalactics’ map (Artefact: reduces fuel usage 0.5 for every system hop)
ISC - Imperial Star Cruiser, expensive ship which requires 5000 rep.
map - the galactic map (Alt-G) or the ->IG map
N - north, compass direction
necklace - beautiful aura necklace (increases charisma 2)
Newbie/noob - someone who is new at a game, noob is offen used as an insult while newbie is just a indication of player's real life experience with the game.
npc - non-playable character (good or evil ships that are not controlled by real (human) players, only there to attack)
o - "out, everyone out!" (battle command)
omw - on my way
oracle - oracle of wonders (increases wisdom 2, reduces warp fuel usage .4)
Pax - latin for peace, in Pax games (named "Pax O'Rama" for example) no ->player kill and no planet invasion is allowed.
permaverse - game that will not be terminated (Will not rebang)
persuasive pulsator - ->Artefact that helps with haggling in ports
PK - ->player kill(er)
player kill(er) - well, a player killer is a player who kills another player
PP - ->persuasive pulsator
pulsator - ->persuasive pulsator
merf - merchant freighter, ship class
regen - energy regeneration
rebang - game that is restarted / reset after a certain amount of time (opposite: ->permaverse)
rep - reputation, indicates how good or evil you are in the game
rs - reshield
rgr - roger / affirmative
S - south, compass direction
SC - ->Superconductor or ->Solar Cannon, depending on context
SE - ->shield eminator
shield eminator - ->Artefact (weapons do less damage, 7% (?) more effective)
Sleeper --> People who are offline. Mostly used for players that get shot down because they went offline on a planet/colony/open space.
super - -> superconductor
superconductor - ->Artefact that increases your energy regeneration
sld - ->sliding
sliding - moving between walls and enemy turrets on a planet
Solar Cannon - planetary defence
sower - Dreamsower, ship class
spacesuit - Intergalactics' Suit, ->IG suit
suit - Intergalactics' Suit, ->IG suit
take the monkey - ->"Take SC!"
take SC - "Take ->Solar Cannon fire!" (by being closer to it than anyone else). Battle command.
Taxi - taxi missions can be acquired at a starport, they are a good start for beginners
vet - veteran player
W - west, compass direction
whale - galaxy whale, ship class
Xbox - vulture, ship class
afk - away from keyboard
brb - be right back
bbs - be back soon
bbl - be back later
cya - see you later
gtg - got to go
char - Charisma
dex - Dexterity
rep - Reputation
wis - Wisdom
bio1 - Biodome Upgrade 1
bio2 - Biodome Upgrade 2
broadcast - Broadcast Receiver
col - colony
radio - Radio Receiver
ref - Refinery
ref1 - Refinery Upgrade 1
ref2 - Refinery Upgrade 2
solar - Solar Cannon
wep fact - Weapons Factory
meat shield - The act of one person serving as a shield for another person when invading (shielding the other person from laser/solar fire).


For specific info, please check the individual server info in the server list, this is just a quick list.

There are 4 big class type servers, they are:

Fast games(= Blitzkrieg): There is only 1 such server, named Blitzkrieg, this server is very short and only lasts for 4h before EVERYTHING in the galaxy is reset. (Yes, you even have to make a new account on that server every time it “resets” (= “rebangs”)).
The time it takes for this server to reset is 2h (So the official game lasts 4h but it takes 2h after the end of the official game (the time until the official end time is shown at the top of the “rankings screen”) for the rebang to happen.)

Rebang servers: These servers are longer. Most of them are 14 days long, some are even 18 days long, they rebang 3 days after the end of the official game. There are 2 big sub-categories in rebangs:

-Normal rebangs: Player kill (=PK) is allowed, players may kill each other anywhere outside U.N. protected space (protected space is indicated by red lines on the map and “U.N. controlled” marking next to the system name). Colony invasion is also allowed at any given time. However, all colonies receive an automatic 3 day U.N. Protection, the upside being that no other enemy players may enter the surface of the planet during this time, the downside however is that tax revenues are really low and no intrest is gained when taxing.

-Pax games: No player kill (=NPK) and no invasion servers. This means you can not kill or invade other HUMAN players’s colonies. There are however some exceptions:

• Human players can still invade colonies owned by the “United Nations” (further referred to as “the U.N.”). These colonies are made by the game (“the U.N.”) at the beginning of EVERY server (Blitzkrieg, rebang, permanent servers) therefor these colonies can be invaded by any player. If they are taken by a player, another player can still invade them. In other words: all colonies originally started by the U.N. can be invaded, even in PAX games.

• Human players may damage/kill other human players on colony surfaces. In other words, you can only damage/kill another human player if they are invading one of your (originally U.N.) colonies (of course they can also damage/kill you).

- Monthly rebang: This type of rebang bangs every few months and is basically a very long rebang where things like pollution and player stagnation that often manifest in permanent servers do not kill the gameplay because of the shorter life span of the server.

Also, some rebang servers (both PAX and normal type) are reserved for new players only. Players with medals (which indicates they were able to make it to the top 10 by the end of a rebang game) are not allowed to play these games.

Permanent servers: These servers are permanent and there for do not end. Again we have permanent PAX servers and normal permanent servers.

Basic stuff:

The basic goals of this game are different depending on the server and also depend on your personal preferences. In general, on rebang servers the main goal is to get as much experience accumulated as possible before the official end time of the game thus winning that particular game. The reward for winning a rebang is a gold medal, second, third and fourth place get silver and all other top 10 places get bronze, players are also given a couple of achievement points depending on their end rank. Blitzkrieg is just a quick server to get into the game, you start with 2 million $ starting cash instead of the usual 10k, but no medals or other prices are awarded at the end.
The monthly rebang servers are the same as rebangs, only longer and you get a trophy instead of a medal for ending in the top 10 rank by experience.
On permanent servers, your experience does not really matter since they do not end and can not be won. The main goal on these servers (for most people) is to create a massive Empire (by which I mean lots of colonies under control of one person or corporation).

In order to be able to warp from one system to another, land on planets/colonies, (star)ports and bases, in other words in order to be able to play the game, you need warp fuel. Warp fuel is a resource that automatically regenerates. The speed of the this regeneration depends on the server you are playing and extra fuel can be gotten every day (actually a bit less than every 24h) by jettisoning spice in space.(500 spice = 500 fuel)
Fuel can also be bought with real life money through tokens (10 real $ = 10k tokens = 5000 fuel)
In other words, no fuel = no playing, you might think that this is a bad thing, but it makes for a more balanced gameplay. Fuel limits the time you can spend on a server, running out of fuel will never be a real problem if you play more than 1 server though. It also balances rebang games more so that people who do not have that much time to play have an equal chance of winning.
You might think that buying tokens overpowers you but that too is not true. The minimum amount of tokens you can buy is 10k (10 real $) so if you want to pay tokens for every server, every time you run out of fuel, you will be broke pretty quickly. Needless to say, not a lot of people pay for tokens on rebangs, on permanent servers however tokens are purchased and used regulary.

Important when you first create a new character on a server are your stats; you get 15 points to spend on 3 different stats, the maximum you can give to one stat is 10. What do these stats exactly do? And how do they influence the game? Here is a quick summary:

Charisma: Charisma increases the morale on all your colonies, these makes it so that you can tax colonies more while maintaining steady morale and that reproduction on all your colonies will be higher. You will also be able to uproot more colonists from starports. Finally, you can haggle better with high charisma, making it easier to trade resources around.
These bonuses make it that charisma is the “builder’s” stat, if you want to win a rebang by building or if you are going to concentrate on building an Empire on permanent servers, you will probably want to have high charisma.

Dexterity: Dexterity influences your ships speed, turning speed, manoeuvrability and energy regeneration. These bonuses make it so that any fighter/invader wants more dex to have a direct advantage over the enemy. Invaders especially need the added energy regeneration so they can bump/hit the enemy dome with maxed energy easier.

Wisdom: Wisdom only does one thing: It lowers the amount of warp fuel you use when warping between systems, making it an important stat for all players.

Note: - You can increase your stats afterwards by getting artefacts. (IG suit: +2 dex, Oracle of Wonder: +2 wisdom, Beautiful Aura Necklace: +2 charisma). Artefacts can heighten your stats above the maximum of 10 you had when you created your account (so one stat can be raised to a maximum of 16).
- You can still change your stats, username and portrait afterwards by paying 5000 tokens in the Admiral club (5 real $)

This explanation is pretty basic, so in order to give a better image of the possible combinations for your stats, here are a few of my personal favourit stat combos.

Rebang, “need for fuel”: 0 charisma, 5 dex, 10 wisdom ? I used to use this as a basic rebang setup. Maximum fuel efficiency to have a maximum amount of fuel to use and some dex for basic fighting/invasion. No charisma needed, I did not trade a lot back then (I do know) and colonies are mostly small in rebangs so charisma is not necessary to keep colonies on stable moral level.

Rebang, “all out offensive”: 0 charisma, 10 dex, 5 wisdom ? I use this as a regular setup for rebangs now, I never use all my fuel on a server anyway so wisdom can be lowered, I rarely build a lot of colonies so Charisma is not necessary at all. Maximum dex, so I can fly faster, kill NPCs faster and so I can invade every colony with maximum efficiency.

Rebang, “building time!”: 3 charisma, 10 dex, 2 wisdom ? My stats for building on rebangs. Maximum charisma so I can get my colonies as high in pop as fast as possible and so that I can get colonists from ports more easily. I personally always go for few colonies (3-6) but I try to get them maxed out (13k-18k population).

Permanent servers: 5 charisma, 10 dex, 0 wisdom ? 5 charisma for higher population/morale and to maintain my colonies in a stable condition, with maximum weapon/exp production. 10 dex because invading is my main way of handling things on permanent servers and wisdom is in my opinion not needed, I never run out of fuel anyway :P.

Tips and tricks:

- In need of an artefact? Got the fuel to get one yourself but no cash to buy one from another player? Just buy drinks at the bar in any starport! If you buy Bullhangers there is a good chance the bartender will give you the location of an artefact. If you buy 9-10 Captain’s Stashes you even get a half price for staying in the local inn.

- Use /help and the starepedia! Some really handy commands are in /help and the starepedia gives a decent basic explanation of the game.

- Use /s to shout to people in the server so you can talk to them, do not be afraid to ask questions, most people are pretty cool :p.

- Try getting some staring cash on a server by cabbing NPCs around or escorting NPCs to systems. (go to a port and talk to the patron)

- Use the flags in your galaxy map! You can use them to quickly mark spots of interest. (colonies, IGPs, black holes, trading routes, etc.)

- Always take one or two flaks/lasers with you, you can drop them behind you in space to deflect negotiators and nukes from enemy NPCs/players. Do not forget to pick them back up! They regain all their shields as soon as you do.

- Do not forget that if you land on someone’s colony they get a message on their screen saying you did. You might want to be careful and check who you are invading and if they are online. (People do NOT get a message you landed on their colony if they are NOT logged on, they can only see you landing if they are online while you land, people DO see it in their news if you take their colonies though.)

- New on a permanent server? Overwelmed and absolutely no idea how to start getting some cash? Try barging for people!! This means you get cash from another player so you can buy a garbage barge ship and weapons/defences that this other player needs, you then bring the weapons/defences to them for a fee. The garbage barge can transport 24 hardware pieces (instead of the standard 8), barging is paid well most of the time, do not scam people tough, you WILL be caught quickly and such news spreads around very fast and could have negative consequence on other servers as well!

- Do not whine too much, beg or act like an arrogant male chicken.
Everybody dies once in a while, try to learn from it and do not let people get you down, you can always restore from a death, especially on permanent servers.
You have to work hard to gain cash/colonies in this game; please do not beg for cash even if you are new, if you are nice you might get a present from a friendly player and you can always barge defences/weapons for people for some quick cash.
There is always someone out there who is better than you, bragging a bit once in a while is healthy but do not overdo it.

- On rebangs, try to stay at least 10 hops away from any Starbase when you start building. This way other players will have a harder time finding your colonies and they will be less determined to invade if they have to go 40+ hops to get a new ship if they die, also remembers that the evil starbase sells nukes so be sure to stay far away from it when you build!!

- If you are building colonies, always make sure that you have at least 1 row of flaks (or lasers on permanent servers) around the dome and a solar cannon before U.N. protection runs out. A solar cannon costs a lot of time to build but it has near unlimited range, does not stop firing once triggered unlike flaks/lasers and they can not be destroyed!!

- Put your dome in mid-range of the warp entrance, this way if you got a solar cannon (which is placed on top of your colony’s dome) it will start firing directly as an enemy player lands making it a lot harder to invade the colony.

- Want to steal/rob but you do not know how? Get yourself some negative rep, -1000 rep to be precise, by jettisoning colonists in space, uprooting colonists from a colony, invading colonies or killing good players/NPCs. Next, go to a port and click on the “rob” tab, now you get the option to rob cargo or steal money from the starport!! Note that you can only steal/rob from ports, not from starbases or from other players. If you’re having problems because you get caught a lot, try getting more exp or a "Cloak of Disguise" Artefact.

-If you’re online and someone starts invading your colonies, go there and put the solar cannon on 10 shots, the colony will be a lot harder to invade and most colonies will have a spare amount of metal ore anyway to keep that up for a couple of hours, you can put the amount of solar shots down once the invasion force has gone offline.

Tips on making money

- Cabbing NPCs around is great for quick cash! Make sure you know where black holes lead to (inform yourself through other players or try map them yourself) and use these to your advantage. the quicker you can get to a destination, the more cash you get and the less fuel you use!

- Shooting NPCs can be a great way of making exp if you do it right. Take a fast ship (CEO Flag-Ship, Battle Ship, Sethar Cruiser, ISC, IGS or Avenger) and a long range weapon (Fusion Blast or Explosive charges, the ISC and Battle ship's secondary weapon are great too). When you encounter an NPC, fly backwards while shooting at it with your weapon. Make sure you take a flak with you and drop it so negs/nukes are deflected. If you practice this well you can make tons of cash and exp doing this! Remember, practice makes perfect!!

- Taxing colonies is a great way of not losing fuel and even making cash while you sleep! taxing low pop colonies on 20% for an hour or 12 does not destroy moral entirely, however, moral and population growth effect each other, the more you tax, the less your population will grow. It is also highly unsafe to tax undefended colonies (which in the end will cost you more then you prb can get out of them). Taxing higher pop colonies is safer but makes moral drop really fast, and maxing out a colony and adding defences costs a lot too!

- Sell buildings! Do not forget that you can build buildings under U.N. protection (and also sell them at regular price) You can even keep building the same buildings over and over again, selling them each time. You have to wait 4h after you sold a building on a planet before you can sell another one though.

-Planet hopping! You never know what you might find, an artifact? a sleeper? Or even a colony with maybe even cash on it! It is a game of chance/luck and it may cost you a lot of fuel but it can be a very lucrative way of making cash/experience.

-Trading! Get a ship with lots of cargo holds (Flagship/whale/dreamsower/ISC/IGS) or with a high fuel efficiency (Speedstar/freighter). It is more profitable to do a oil/medecine trade with high selling and especially BUYING % than a spice/equipment run with low %!!


Q: What is a colony and how do I get one?

A: A colony is a planet that is inhabited by colonists, these colonists are concentrated in a biodome on the planet. This biodome is the key structure of the entire colony. To build a colony you first need to get a dome at a starbase, this usually costs 40.000 $ but the price varies from server to server and starbase to starbase.
Next you must find a planet outside of U.N. space that is not already colonised and that is not a "gas" or "tiny" type planet. Drop the dome on the planet by clicking on it (you will get an in-game message if the spot you chose can not be used) and voila a new colony ready to be build!!
You can also take other peoples colonies by force on non-PAX servers by bumping the dome with our ship with full (1000) energy.

For more info read the in-game starepedia or my other guide on building colonies.

Q: How do I rob/steal?

A: You need -1000 rep (or less then -1000 rep), once you get that, an extra screen will be avaible at all starPORTS so you can rob cash/steal resources. You can NOT steal from other players, NPCs or StarBASES in this way. The Falcon ship however can steal resources and cash from NPCs and other players by forcing them to drop resources/cash in space. The "Cloak of Disguise" artefact reduces the chances of getting caught, more exp and less rep (more negative rep) reduces the chances of getting caught too. If you are caught, you lose some cash, some rep and a lot of exp. Your location is also listed in the Galactic News so be careful!

Here is a screenshot with the extra option to rob: ... rksle6.jpg

Also consider reading the basic-stealing guide and another "special" guide: ... highlight=

Q: How do I get more warpfuel?

A: Warpfuel regenerats automatically, you can however get more fuel in 2 ways, the first way is by jettisoning (Throwing away in simple terms) spice in SPACE, this can generate up to 500 fuel at a 1 spice thrown away = 1 fuel rate. The amount you can jettison goes back up over time and you can always check how much you can jet by typing in the /spice command.
The second way is to buy (ADMIRAL) TOKENS by paying with REAL MONEY through a credit card (mastercard/visa) or by using Paypal. For every 2 tokens you spend you get 1 fuel. (so 10k tokens give an extra 5000 fuel).
Fuel stops regenerating when you get 5000 fuel so be smart and play a bit first and jet spice so that your auto-regen continues before spending tokens for fuel.

Picture of someone jetting/throwing away spice, look at the info in the consol!: ... rksnz7.jpg

Q: What do I use experience for?

A: Absolutely nothing really, experience can not be “spend” like in most other games, it is just a way to brag/show off to other players or just for the fun of getting it :P. On rebangs though, the player who has the most experience at the end of the 14 day game period wins a gold medal (second, third and fourth get silver), numbers 5 till 10 get a bronze. Also your chances of getting caught if you rob/steal resources/cash are lowered if you have a lot of experience.

Q: I can not land on a certain base saying "You sure don't look like a pirate, get out of here!" what gives?

A: You just tried to land on the evil/pirate starbase. You must have -1000 rep (or less) to land on this starbase. How do you know which starbase is the evil one? Just click on a base on your map and then press the "port" button. If the name of the base is "Cherny Almaz" you have located the evil base. You can buy all normal weapons, modules, etc. at this base and 2 extra things NUKES and the pirate ship: the SETHDAR CRUISER.

Q: I bought some Neutrino scanners but do not know how to read them, can you help me out?

A: Of course, here is a screenshot of a scan report made by using neutrino scanners: ... nosjq6.jpg

You have to read 2 things: First you need to know what each amount of ton on a planet can mean. Then you need to be able to read what planet has what tonage. Every planet has a basic 70 ton (140 for gas giants) of aliens. ( 5 ton/allien I think) if a planet has more, then there is something of "interest " on that planet. 170 is an artifact (in this example, planet Ic houses an artefact), 200 ton is a sleeper, between 200 and 450 is a combo of sleepers, aliens and/or artifacts. 500 is a basic colony with no defences (Solar cannon can not be scanned and does not show up as extra tons) Everything with more then 500 is a colony, with sleepers or beacons, or more likely defences.
In this example the planet in the red square has an artefact, planet Ic, How did I know it was that planet? Simple, counting from the closest RING AROUND the STAR in the centre of the system to the outside, you find 1 planet on each ring. Each of these planets gets the name of the ring, as indicated on the screenshot with cyan (light blue). (I closest ring, II second closest ring, etc.) Do the same with the rings around a planet (planet on the closest ring to a planet called "I" is named "Ia", second closest one is named "Ib", etc.) again as indicated on the screenshot.

Q: I can not buy 2 ships in the starbase although I have enough cash to buy them and I ca not seem to find this one ship some people fly anywhere, what am I doing wrong?


The 2 ships not buyable on this screenshot are probably the ships you ca not buy either.
The first one, Corporate Flagship (often referred to as CEO ship) can only be bought by the HEAD (or CEO) of a CORPORATION (Clan is the more common name in other MMOs). Beware that you can NOT DISBAND a corp in a FLAGSHIP or make someone else CEO of your corp!
The second one is the Imperial Starecruiser (ISC) you need a U.N. commission to buy this ship, which means you need at least 5000 reputation, press the "apply for U.N. commission button at any starbase's police station and you will be able to buy an ISC.

There are 2 ships you possibly can not find, the “purple frog ship”, officialy called IGS or the Big round black, sethdar cruiser. The first one, IGS, can only be bought with admiral tokens, if you trade-in your IGS or you die in one, you get 8500 tokens back (10.000 tokens must be spend to buy one).
The other ship, the sethdar cruiser, can only be bought by evil players (-1000 rep or less) at the EVIL starbase remember that the name of the evil starbase is always "Cherny Almaz" on every server.

Q: What is a Corporation, how do I create one and what is it for?

A: A Corporation is a team of players that work together. Corporations can be formed on any server and only require one member to be formed. Forming a corp is easy, just go to Game --> Corporations --> Form, come up with a corporation name and password and click on the "form" button. You can change the password of the corporation you made by clicking on your corporation window in the rankings screen or clicking the "C" button in your profile window. You can also remove members from your corp or make another member of your corp CEO from that screen. Only the CEO (the "boss" or head of the corp) can do this, all other members can only leave the corp. The CEO can also buy a special ship known as the CEO flag ship.

Joining a corp is easy too, from the Game --> Corporations screen, click on "Join", chose a corp and type in the corp's password, you will automatically join the corp.

Members of the same corp share colonies, unless a colony was under a member's control before he/she formed/joined the corp or when the colony was made personal by typing in the /takecolony command in to the consol while being in the colony's biodome. You can share your personal colonies with the corp b typing in /givecolony in the consol while in the colony or you can corp all your colonies by paying tokens in the admiral club. Furthermore, members can not attack eachother and can see eachothers locations by typing in /c, a corp also has a personal chat system with the /c command, all things said in corporate chat are coloured yellow.

While in a corp, your team members can not land on your personal colonies and you can not land on other members's personals either. (Not even the CEO can land on someone else's personal colonies)

When you leave a corp, all your planets (the once you took or placed the biodome for yourself) are automatically made personal and ex-corpmembers can not invade these colonies for a period of 3 days.

Q: When is my colony properly defended?

A: The answer is very subjective and depends on a number of factors, are you on a bang and far from a starbase and sol? Then you might get away with 2 rings of flaks around the dome, a solar cannon and some flaks at the entrance.
If you build close to sol or on a permanent server you will need more flaks and especially on permanent servers you will need lasers!
Try to place your dome in a good spot (look in the defences topic(s) in this section of the forum for tips). You should always try to get as many cannons on your colony as possible, as the days progress people will eventually find your colonies.

Q: What is a double dome?

A: A double dome is the result of a bug that made it possible to plant a second dome on a colony that had an abanoned dome. The first dome would remain "abandoned" but after you build a solar cannon on the second dome, somehow the first dome "revived" and was equiped with a solar cannon. This bug was fixed after 2-3 weeks so only very old permanent servers (The Permaverse and Boundless Sea) have double domes. The solar cannons on both domes still fire as normal tough so invading a DD (double dome) is quite hard. In the past there used to be a "fake" dome and a "real" dome (The second dome being real and the bugged first dome being the fake) if you hit the "fake" dome you ended up back in space while hitting the "real" dome capped the planet, I am unsure if that is still the case now tough.

Q: What's an abandoned dome and what can I do with it?

A: An abondoned dome is a colony that has been destroyed due to either having had too many disasters or by not having any colonists in it for a certain amount of time (3 days I believe), you can redome the planet after the old dome is wiped from its surface which takes about 7 days after it first died. There is no way of telling when a dome died so you will just have to be patient and take a look once in a while to see if it can be redomed (or if someone beat you to it).

Q: What's a "multi-shooter"?

A: We refer to solar cannons that shoot more than one bolt simultaniously as "multi-shooters", by clicking on the image of your solar cannon in your colony, you can select how many shots your solar cannon will fire and how it will spread out those shots (It is all very well documented in-game), you can let the cannon shoot up to 10 bolts per shot!!

Beware though, every bolt the cannon fires when under attack (even if no one is landing on the colony) will consume 25 metal ore out of your refinery per hour and if you run out of metal ore the solar cannon will not be able to fire at all!! To see how much metal ore you are losing/getting, click on the refinery image in your colony, as long as you gain metal ore you are good.

Q: My colony has high pollution but I can not clean it because there is no "clean" button in the refinery, what gives?

A: You need a refinery level 3 to be able to clean pollution (this means, having refinery upgrade numer 2 build.). You can clean 10% pollution with 1 million $, the danger level for pollution is at about 70-80%, colonies very rarely have disasters before that (some colonies will not even have disasters at 100%).

Special Thanks:

Toonces, Aaron Hunter for creating SGE.
The entire SGE development team.
All visitors of the SGE forum, for their help.
Ace for asking me to make this guide and for using it in his project.
Thx to MadAce for sticking this post.
Thx to Petertje/-nox- for pointing out the missing slangs "newbie/noob" and "sleeper".
Thx to all starport players who have helped me for idea on my updates!


This guide is Copyright G. Guldentops (Nightmare) who can be
contacted at for permissions to post this guide or reporting
of errors in the guide.


Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 9:13 pm
by DarkLStrike
Isnt it copied from your website? :P

Its great, btw, although i didnt get the chance to look at it when i first started SGE.

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 9:21 pm
by Furiae
DarkLStrike wrote:Isnt it copied from your website? :P

Its great, btw, although i didnt get the chance to look at it when i first started SGE.
No.... Ace's.

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 11:30 pm
by Genesis
OMG, compile in PDF and sell for quick cash :lol:
Just kidding. Nice guide. I need to go and sharpen my invading skills now, I'm losing my touch (and signature move isn't used as often).

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 11:53 pm
by Nightmare
Thx admin/mod for sticky.


Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 12:33 pm
by MadAce
mod 8)

why not add links to your invasion vids to the thread?

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 2:55 pm
by Nightmare
MadAce wrote:mod 8)

why not add links to your invasion vids to the thread?
Thx, I edited, any requests on specific updates will be taken care of, all reviews welcome too!!


Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 11:36 am
by Nightmare
Update v.1.1, FAQ added with screenshots to help explain things.

All reviews, comments and additions still welcome!


Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 1:29 pm
by petertje
in the slang part you missed the words "sleeper" and "newbie/noob"

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 3:07 pm
by Moleman
Awesome Post Nightmare, would have been real handy for newbie moleman bout 6 mths ago :)


Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 6:32 pm
by Nightmare
petertje wrote:in the slang part you missed the words "sleeper" and "newbie/noob"
Updated, thx for pointing that out petertje.
Credits also updated.

Thx Moleman, I really appreciate that :P.

Requests for extra stuff I should put in this guide is always welcome!


Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 7:39 pm
by Nightmare
Update! Short paragraph on Corps added in FAQ, also some extra tips on making cash was added.

Thx to player Goose for his idea for adding tips on making cash.

All reviews and constructive critisisme still welcome :P.


Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2006 8:26 am
by i2k
Maybe some permaverse strats would be good for the noobs. Maybe a section on politics and intracies of such.

Also tell CaffinatedCoder that its a bad idea to take away /warp.

Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2006 9:07 am
by Nightmare
i2k wrote:Maybe some permaverse strats would be good for the noobs. Maybe a section on politics and intracies of such.

Also tell CaffinatedCoder that its a bad idea to take away /warp.
K thx for the remark :P.

When and how was /warp removed from the game? :O.


Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2006 11:27 pm
by Nightmare
-Impoved lay-out

-Tips that don't work anymore due to patches removed.

-Still looking for additions wanted or self written text :P.


Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 6:48 pm
by matthew
ok how can i get a password for any cooperation I've try ed looking but i can't find anything

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 7:01 pm
by BvF7734
To join a corp, you have to be invited. The CEO or Founder can provide the pass to you. It is not something you will find. It is something offered only. If you wanted to join my corp for example, you would ask to join or I would ask if you wanted to join. After the other party says yes, then I would provide the name and pass of my corp to you to then join.

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 7:16 pm
by matthew
i am looking for a cooperation to join but obliviously i need to be invited or asked so i'll just try and get use to the game

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 8:59 pm
by BvF7734
Exactly. Learn the game and see how it works. Then you can ask someone if you can join or if you make enough of a name for yourself, someone will ask you to join them. Patience is the key. Read and explore. Help yourself and others will help you.

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 3:10 pm
by Nightmare
I did an update, any requests for things that still need to be added are welcome!


Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 11:42 am
by bigfoot12
whats a double dome?

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 4:23 pm
by Nightmare
bigfoot12 wrote:whats a double dome?
A: A double dome is the result of a bug that made it possible to plant a second dome on a colony that had an abanoned dome. The first dome would remain "abandoned" but after you build a solar cannon on the second dome, somehow the first dome "revived" and was equiped with an solar cannon. This bug was fixed after 2-3 weeks so only very old permanent servers (The Permaverse and Boundless Sea) have double domes. The solar cannons on both domes still fire as normal tough so invading a DD (double dome) is quite hard. In the past there used to be a "fake" dome and a "real" dome (The second dome being real and the bugged first dome being the fake) if you hit the "fake" dome you ended up in space while hitting the "real" dome capped the planet, I am unsure if that is still the case now tough, I think you can cap a DD by hitting either domes.

Thx for the good question, it's now a part of the FAQ.


Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 8:38 pm
by Moleman
Nightmare wrote:I think you can cap a DD by hitting either domes.
You can, for a while after the fix i just thought i was being increadibly lucky :)

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 5:39 pm
by kakashi101
thanx alot uts very helpful :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 5:45 pm
by CaptKirk
artifact is repeatedly misspelled as artefact 8)

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 9:15 pm
by MegaMan
It's not misspelled, that's just how them crazy europish spell it xD

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 11:18 pm
by Nightmare
CaptKirk wrote:artifact is repeatedly misspelled as artefact 8)
* artefact or artifact: British usage is mixed, but some speakers claim to write artefact to mean “a product of artisanry” but artifact when the meaning is “a flaw in experimental results caused by the experiment itself”[citation needed]. In American English, artifact is the usual spelling, although[citation needed] it is regarded as nonstandard by some U.S. authorities. Canadians prefer artifact and Australians artefact, according to their respective dictionaries.

Quoted on Wikipedia from

* Peters, Pam (2004). The Cambridge Guide to English Usage. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-62181-X.

Shazam o.O


Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 11:20 pm
by Tux
In the context of this game it is Artifact, so artefact is wrong.

Pwned. o.O

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 11:49 pm
by Nightmare
Tux wrote:In the context of this game it is Artifact, so artefact is wrong.

Pwned. o.O
Not if I pretend to be Australian.

Nightmare: 2 Tux: 1



Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 12:21 am
by Tux
Nightmare wrote:
Tux wrote:In the context of this game it is Artifact, so artefact is wrong.

Pwned. o.O
Not if I pretend to be Australian.

Nightmare: 0 Tux: 2


The game spells it "artifact" so that is the correct spelling. Same with "billion" the billion in the game is the billion used in The US, which is nine zeros, not the other numbering system, which is twelve.