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Post by Luna » Sun Sep 02, 2012 5:30 pm

Pollution grows too quickly compared with the ability to stabilize colonies enough to tax them and still have solar/mil. I agree it needs to be adjusted so we dont have to choose which colonies to let die, just for lack of funds to clean them. If you adjust them very much then you lose morale, and pop, which lowers mil/solar. Not much of a compromise. You lose morale/pop so you can tax enough to clean and pretty soon you have a crappy colonly, with unhappy colonists. You can't get the morale/pop back up fast enough for the next round of cleaning.

We could actually use more ways to make money on Perms. No one trades after the start, and commodities market is useless as a research. You don't get enough money to make it worth using. If you want it to have any value then make it a money making option, with really high return of cash for selling resources you have excess of. Most of us just groan when we get commodities market, and then kill the colony to try for better options.

On Taureen help take some of the boredom out of building by giving more cargo holds as a "base mod". I'd say at least 200-250 would make it easier to build without the feeling you're an automated drone delivering resources a million times to finish buildings. It would also increase the ability to carry resources for those beginning that still need to trade to make cash. Again just small adjustments would IMPACT the ENJOYMENT of the game IMMENSELY

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