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Trash Talking

Post by WeGotDeathStar » Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:16 pm

I've been seeing a few posts on some youtube videos from our old pal Budman. Nice to see you by the way but unless you wanna get a crew back together don't bother talking. If you do we will kick your a$$ all over the galaxy again like we did so many times in the past I suggest you keep your inflated ego to yourself. Awen is the only one out of you that is actually good and has our respect.

By the way, the cap video you guys made in 2009 was well done and nice and all but it was all set up colonies compliments of One on P3. We were there so don't try to b.s. out of it. Last time we saw you guys on P3 we removed 5 of your top corps in about 2 weeks and you were never seen from again. Get history right if you wanna look back at it :)

Cmon Toonces, give us a true old style no mod server and let the wars begin again...........

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