Surface Missiles

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Surface Missiles

Post by avitohol » Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:10 am

Just wanted to drop a thread with my view on the range change:

- Surface missiles with their current range tips the balance further in favour of mass invasion. Those being the ones that tend to either make most players quit. Here's a slight breakdown:

1. Active players at a time will end up ganking nearly every other faction that is currently playing. Something i've noticed this time round in the game and has been for the last year, is that there is usually just a single factions. Largely in part to the fact that they tend to come out of retirement around the same time.

2. The damage of surface missiles tend to make taking a colony roughly 30-45 mins to take a nuke eater col, even without a solar. And i think everyone knows the ones i'm talking about. And that was with the old range and the use of a weight on the fire key. I've tested it, two cups of tea, a shower and half of Game of thrones.

3. The lower range you have to move forward every 3-4 turrets, or single layer since you have to sit in front of the laser range.

4. The above points to the fact that solo invasion is taking another hit. And thats something that used to be a counter-balance to maruading corps. Everyone has that guy in the corp who has the patience to take a BBQ tonne of cols on their own.

- Secondly, surface missiles were in some sort the main counter-balance to port negs. When you lose colonies to port negs, you find a port with no negs and nearly no means to take back the colony outside of multiple people invading that colony.

- Have fun dancing solar for someone with surface missiles.

I don't really see an alternative proposition to this change, other than increasing missile damage, which would further throw the balance in favour to mass invasions. Or just reverting them back to their original format and making it a vulture exclusive weapon.

Just a few thoughts. Feel free to discuss.

Edit: Forgot to mention the use of weapon stabilisers. Good solution. Form of specialistion, which i like in any game. Don't see this as a solution for no mod servers however.

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