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RK2's Captain's Logs: New Episode 6 included!

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:17 pm
by RiveraK2
[Captain's Log, Stardate 20111211]:

Call me RK2; Captain of the starship Trontech. My travels throughout the galaxy have bestowed upon me a rather negative reputation.
Immoral, yes; malevolent, no. Sometimes decent people need to do bad things, and that's the category I fall under. Far and wide I have
traveled; not for exploration, glory, legacy, or colonization but for financial gain. Whatever else may follow along with that will indeed come.

My travels have led me to a Starport in the Alpha Centauri system where I hope, among other priorities, to learn the location of a strange
ancient artifact. I know one thing of it; only that it may be worth over five million credits, and that in and of itself is not something to be passed up.

[Log to be continued..]

Re: RK2's Captain's Logs: The Series

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:18 pm
by RiveraK2
[Captain's Log Supplemental]:

After docking at the Starport in the Alpha Centauri system, a Haulbanger or two at the port's Lone Star Lounge seemed appropriate.
Walking in I couldn't help but notice the cast of shady characters at the establishment for which one could not imagine a more preferable
location. The humanoid bar-tending, an Anaetarian from the distant Delta Phi Epsilon system, was in no mood to converse as he
stared at me blankly while serving my drink. I paid no mind; after all what did I care about some quaint looking humanoid not speaking?

After some time and a multitude of additional Haulbangers I looked out of the window to my left into the vastness of space and thought,
for a moment, that I witnessed a strange vessel whizzing past the port. I soon neglected that thought as the alchemy of those
Haulbangers began to take effect. Just as I turned my head back towards the bar-tender for Spice Water; the bizarre looking Anaetarian
discretely whispered "I heard a strange artifact was sighted in Omega Psi Phi Vb." Ignoring the Anaetarian's comment I ordered
Spice Water to which he replied "You've had enough for one day, buddy".

[Log to be continued..]

Re: RK2's Captain's Logs: The Series

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:19 pm
by RiveraK2
[Captain's Log Supplemental]:

My ship is en route to Omega Psi Phi Vb to investigate the artifact the Anaetarian bar-tender informed me about in Alpha Centauri.
The Trontech is equipped with advanced Neutrino Scanners which are intended produce detailed scan reports of entire star systems.
Locating the exact position of this artifact, if there is one, will rely upon the scanners' ability to accurately pinpoint it.

While en route to Omega Psi Phi a large anomaly triggered my vessel's sonar. A short range scan of the area revealed nothing,
however the Trontech's sonar persisted. Further scanning of the area revealed the anomaly 0.01AU starboard of my starship.
Curious as to what it was, I directed my ship one-quarter impulse towards the anomaly. 0.002 AU away from the anomaly an
immense pyramid shaped vessel, at least four times larger than my own, appeared on screen. When hailed, there was
no response. A second hail was transmitted, "This is Captain RK2 of the starship Trontech. I admit no hostile intentions;
please identify yourself". No response. Suddenly, in an instant, the mysterious vessel bolted away in a brilliant flash
not even leaving a warp signature to trace.

This encounter has left me curious as to the meaning of that strange starship.

[Log to be continued..]

Re: RK2's Captain's Logs: The Series

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:19 pm
by RiveraK2
[Captain's Log Stardate 20111213]

Following my encounter with an immense unknown vessel; I have arrived at Omega Psi Phi in order to begin my search for an artifact sighted on one of the system's celestial bodies. A thorough neutrino scan of the area revealed a rather large three hundred ton object, 0.007AU from my vessel on the fifth planet's second moon, a greenhouse world named Vb. I directed my ship portside towards the body at one-half impulse while simultaneously preparing to enter its atmosphere.

Throttling my vessel to full-impulse the ship's chronometer read: 0.006AU, 0.005AU, 0.004AU, 0.003AU, 0.002AU, 0.001AU. Finally, the Trontech entered the world's atmosphere with a thundering quiver. The vessel's integrity was being tested as the planet's crushing atmospheric pressure attempted to obliterate my vessel, however shields held up brilliantly.

Upon successfully landing on the surface of world Vb, a quick scan revealed the three hundred ton object stern-side about two and a half miles southwest of my current positon. Successfully locating the object was not difficult however, what it turned out to be was an incredible discovery.

[Log to be continued..]

Re: RK2's Captain's Logs: The Series

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:20 pm
by RiveraK2
[Captain's Log Supplemental]:

A tremendously large starship, metallic-violet in color, which seemed to have crash landed on this planet well before the Trontech's arrival
lay severed in multiple pieces abeam to my vessel's starboard. Even in all its demise; I could not help but think what a magnificently crafted
vessel it is, and perhaps was if it had ever found its way towards the heavens.

The more I thought about it as I stared in awe; the more I knew this remarkable vessel had to have been ruling the heavens of space at one
point in time. No vessel or civilization could naturally survive in such a crushing atmosphere like planet Vb's without shields, and yet here
laid this exception to that rule -- a very peculiar Starship surviving in an extremely hostile environment which according to UN databases
is neither a UN vessel nor one that was ever conceived of back on Earth.

Suddenly an idea so thunderous hit me that I nearly fell to the bridge's floor: If no UN record exists on such a vessel then surely I have discovered
the very first evidence of life beyond Earth; what a flabbergasting discovery! Where did it come from? Who created it? How did it end up here?
All those thoughts rushed into my mind as I attempted to once again scan this strange alien vessel this time for any biological signatures that
may indicate life forms aboard.

As my starship scanned; what seemed like two enormous bay doors began to open on the alien vessel. Simultaneously; the Trontech began to
move towards both the alien ship and the opening doors. It was just then that I realized this strange space-craft had my vessel locked into it's
tractor beam..

[Log to be continued..]

Re: RK2's Captain's Logs: The Series (New Episode 6 included

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:01 pm
by RiveraK2
[Captain's Log Supplemental]:

As the alien vessel's tractor beam inched my own star-ship closer towards the huge opening in it's haul;
I immediately diverted all power to my space-craft's thrusters in an attempt to muscle out of the foreign
ship's hold.. but to no avail as diverting all power to the ship's thrusters caused shield drainage which I
could not afford. Stable shields were the only thing standing between the Trontech and planet Vb's
crushing atmosphere which, if given a chance, would show no mercy while squeezing me into a box.

As my ship entered the alien vessel via tractor beam; I couldn't help but think how I would get my way
out of this situation let alone how long this strange ship's haul would hold without shields before the
planet's violent atmosphere finally destroyed it.

Looking though my bridge's front screen; the inside of the alien vessel was pitch black. No lights, or
computers working. "How did the tractor beam function without any working equipment?", I thought.
Scanning of this strange ship was finally completed, and no biological signatures were detected.
Just then my ship's computer picked up on what seemed like a small compartment opening about
20 yards behind my vessel. Rear cameras verified that it was indeed some kind of compartment
which had opened. Through the screen I could see some kind of object floating. "This could be
that artifact worth millions the Anaetarian was telling me about", I again thought. Eager to see
what this object was I quickly put on a UN grade pressure suit which was capable of withstanding
roughly 200x's the Earth's pressure, or about 2x's that of planet Venus' atmosphere.

As I stepped through the rear door and shield of my ship, I immediately felt hot so I activated my
suit's cooling system which brought instant relief. Walking those 20 yards towards the strange
object felt like I was running a 100 mile marathon due to the planet's pressure which had apparently
breached the inside of this alien vessel, yet it's haul was still standing. Finally, after what seemed
like a life-time I was close enough to see what this weird object was. It looked like some sort of
map inside what seemed to be a protective encasement. I reached for it, and as soon as I did;
the beam of energy that was keeping my vessel hostage ceased!

I managed to get back to the Trontech, full reverse thruster, and reach for the heavens at full impulse
power; the planet's violent atmosphere attempted to once again tear my vessel apart. I looked back at
the planet's surface just in time to see the atmosphere finally get the best out of that alien vessel and
crush it! I finally escaped back into what felt like the safe-hold of space after spending all that time on
such a desolate planet.

After re-collecting myself, I looked at the map I found aboard the alien ship. There were symbols on it
which I couldn't understand. I freed the map of it's encasement, and turned it over to see if there were
any other clues. Lo and behold a list of numbers on the reverse side! Mostly 1's and 0's, but I soon realized
that this list of digits was binary code. I deciphered the first line of code which came out to be six numbers:
623716. I didn't think much of it until I realized that system coordinates were also six numbers in length.

"Computer, where is 623,716?", I commanded. "Captain, those coordinates will bring you to system
Zeta Reticuli.", the computer responded. "Map Zeta Reticuli.", I instructed the computer. "Captain,
there are no planets on Zeta Reticuli; only a black hole", responded the computer again. "A black hole?",
I thought. There has to be a reason why those coordinates were on the map. "Computer, set course
for Zeta Reticuli.."

[Log to be continued..]