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Listening Outpost

Post by JuliusCaesar » Sun Jul 06, 2014 4:30 am

I've always wanted there to be a building for tinys or gas giants.

How about listening outposts? Buy an outpost dome, plant 50 colonists +1000 equipment + 1000 metal, rush a single, lone building called "activate" and it turns on. Generates 1% pollution a day and can be cleaned off the get-go. Much like a UN alert, every time a non-corpmate/cs enters a system it generates a small one line alert in your (or your corp's) chat.

ALERT! Listening post "2" detects Admiral JuliusDickFace warped into system 57 Aurigae.

It would need a built in mini refinery that could hold 1000 of each research. maybe have a space for some equipment? Say.... 10 of each? Maybe it would be hidden from neuts in system like a GH since its so small.

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