Stuff is pretty bad now.

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Stuff is pretty bad now.

Post by D » Tue May 06, 2014 1:04 am

Alright, so I have been gone for a long time and don't think ill be logging in again unless nostalgia hits me in another few years.

After throwing a couple days into the game I am actually shocked at how horrible the basic mechanics have become.

After browsing the forum for at least an hour I could not find a SINGLE documentation on when how and why things were nerfed to their present state but, what the hell.

Vultures might as well be removed from the game, because they don't work anymore. Their projectile range is absolutely awful now, their niche was to be able to kill cannons on planets but they cant stay outside the solar range on even the easiest invades now. I highly recommend they be returned to their default mechanics, because this favors pacifistic builders (which seems to be most people now?)

Lasers/Flak cannons no longer yield experience, why? I was told, because people in the competitions would feed each other turrets for experience and now they give no experience. I always used the exp indicator as a way to keep track of my progress while I was invading, I would know for a fact I was making a dent. Bring back experience for turret kills, even if its only one XP or a message indicating a turret kill under the invasion text tab exclusively.

I spent about half an hour trying to invade this one planet, in the old days it would of been pretty easy in my ISC, torpedo sniping.. But after about 20 minutes of not being able to noticeably do ANYTHING with my torpedo snipes (Yes they were hitting) I started buying the negs in the starport, which quickly ran out. I gave up, ridiculous. Have lasers had their deployed health regeneration increased? Or has the ISC special ability been made pathetic, because explosive charges do a better job clearing turrets.

Double domes are stupid.

I am sure there is a lot of things I haven't seen yet that would frustrate me further, but that is my list.

Builders paradise,


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Re: Stuff is pretty bad now.

Post by Drifter101 » Wed May 07, 2014 11:49 pm

I agree about the turrets. There used to be that xp award /message when you killed a turret. Apart from being satisfying to see the little message pop up it also let you know you had killed the turret so you could reshield without leaving wounded turrets that will heal. Now there is no information so you dont know whats going on without staring up close at the tiny radar which has 100s of lazer/solar shots obscuring it so you cant even see what's happening to the turrets.

If I remember, Vultures were changed so work better aginst space lazers now so are more of a clean up ship than an invasion ship.

Torpedoes work same as always. You must have just had a bad run or a lag issue or something.

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