The Refinery & Dome UI - Add a lock to the percentage slider

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The Refinery & Dome UI - Add a lock to the percentage slider

Postby Lockon.Stratos » Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:23 pm

Just what the title says.

The lock would inhibit the slider from moving if the user clicks on it. Even if the user adjusts the other sliders up or down, the resource(s) with the lock enabled will not move until it is disabled again.

The lock feature would work the same to the percentage sliders on the Dome UI for the construction, research, and military sliders.

The benefit of this may sound minor and perhaps it is since we're talking about shaving a few seconds off colony management when fine tuning the sliders, but in the long run it's the minor features that really add up to a great UI experience.

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Re: The Refinery & Dome UI - Add a lock to the percentage sl

Postby Drifter101 » Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:14 pm

Not sure if you realize this but the sliders do lock already but the problem in my eyes is they currently auto-lock wether you want them to or not. Everytime you move a slider it locks into place straight away. It presumes that a) you know exactly what value you wanted, and b) you successfully slid to that value.

With the complexity of colony management you dont always know exactly what values you want, I want to be able to slide around freely, experimenting to find the right balance and get a general feel of things. I only want to lock things when Im at or close to the final correct value for that slider.

Also even if I knew I wanted, say, 57% military, I may have accidentally let go of the button on 56 or 58, but that's too bad because this has now stuck in place and has to be clicked again to unlock it before I can reslide it. This has been the way for some years now but I find this a bit torturous to be honest and I will never get used to it.

Toonces could we have tick boxes so we could choose when to lock each slider? and otherwise have them stay unlocked by default unless we click on the tick box? I would love this.
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