[BUG] Old Jettison functions dont work in port

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[BUG] Old Jettison functions dont work in port

Post by lagkill » Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:31 am

[BUG] Old Jettison functions dont work in port

With the new ports buy anything, unless they are out of cash functionor pissed, the old hot key f4 jettison function does not work in port.

Wish you had just selected a new hot key for sell crap and slaves in port. 300 dollars a slave???

The old f4 was good for

1) dumping colonists with only some ending up in the lounge
2) dumping anything even if the shop keeper is angry at you, or is out of cash
3) denial of service attack on metal buyers for example who need to buy solar cannon metal in port.

4) Now if the shop keeper is not buying I have to go leave port, hit f4, and land port again. Gag.

The old f4 hot key just worked, no more carpal tunnel syndrome inducing mouse waving and button clicking.

The new way is FUBAR. Almost think Toonces is an atheist like Bill Gates. IF GOD wanted us to use a mouse, GOD would have given us claws!

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