HOW were you recruted to starport??

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How did you come across starport??

heard from a friend
was searching for a free game on a search engine
found it on a advertisement
found it on a website with a link to it(or a blog about it)
read about in a newspaper(or magizine or other non internet read)
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Re: HOW were you recruted to starport??

Post by inevamis » Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:24 pm

I played a stupid game called Adventure Quest. I saw a banner add on their web page. Haha that's why you shouldn't allow advertising for your competition on your own web page.

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Re: HOW were you recruted to starport??

Post by Luna » Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:59 am

In 2006 I was one of several people contributing to a fan fiction story. Dienekes was one of the writers and he mentioned it to me. I finally downloaded SGE and then he sponsored me to come to Frontier Wars as part of a sub-corp of Mor Giliath. I stayed in Sol putzing around for about 10 days, never leaving protected space. Finally I ventured out and promptly died. Everyone was nice, and helpful, answering dozens of my questions as I tried to learn who to trust and who to avoid.

Golden Age banged in the first two weeks I played and Dienekes asked me if I wanted to play a new server where I could have a chance to own and build colonies under his guideance. I moved there with him and he created a corp and gave me a SGE education on the basics. He was patient, and protective and helped me learn to love this game. I played at a frantic pace through Golden Age, P3, ROF, P4, Classics. I've had a love hate relationship ever since. I'm in the displaced, start over phase, but I've never really been able to stay away.

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