2022 Starport Championships

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2022 Starport Championships

Post by Toonces » Thu Nov 03, 2022 2:00 am

Playtechtonics is proud to announce:

The 2022 Starport Championships!

A 19 day event featuring Pax and Regular Re-Bang Tournaments. We'll kick off with the Pax tourney starting on Saturday Nov. 12th and ending Thursday Nov. 24. The regular champs will start 7 days after Pax, on Saturday Nov. 19 and finish Thursday Dec. 1.

You'll need a tourney point to enter a character in both admiral-club-less tourney games.

The tournaments will begin at 6:00pm Starport Universal (12:00 PM High Noon Central US time) on Saturdays, Nov 12 and Nov. 19.

Starport Champion will be crowned and titles, trophies, and tokens awarded to the top 10 finishers.

The rules of the game will be 3 players per corp and 2 minutes per warp fuel gen.

We will be pooling all the tourney points used to enter the game to award as prizes:
1st place : 18% of the prize pool
2nd place : 16% of the prize pool
3rd place : 14% of the prize pool
4th place : 13% of the prize pool
5th place : 11% of the prize pool
6th place : 9% of the prize pool
7th place : 7% of the prize pool
8th place : 5% of the prize pool
9th place : 4% of the prize pool
10th place : 3% of the prize pool

All payouts will be rounded UP to the nearest tourney point. In the event of less total players, less than 10 places may be paid.

The winner may be granted the title of: 2022 Starport Champion


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