Starport: Galactic Empires released by Playtechtonics LLC
February 4, 2004

Playtechtonics is happy to announce the release of Starport: Galactic Empires, an innovative massively-multiplayer game for the PC, on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2004. The website is

Starport is a massively-multiplayer game designed for hundreds of simultaneous human players in the same world, connected by the internet. Set in "the golden age of galactic colonization," players compete against each other, and in cooperation, to achieve the most illustrious career as a starship captain. Starport is unique among massively-multiplayer games in that it is winnable. Each game world lasts for two weeks and features player rankings that show which players and teams are doing the best. According to Playtechtonics president and lead designer Aaron Hunter, "the winnable nature of the game adds a strong element of strategic gameplay, something that hasn’t been explored enough in the genre of online games. Player and team motivations are much more well-defined.”

Starport's sales strategy is also new and exciting. Instead of charging players subscription fees to play like most online games, Starport is free. The game software can be downloaded directly off the internet and one can be playing in a Starport game world in a matter of minutes. The developers intend to make their money through a game feature called “The Admiral's Club.” At this location in the game, customers can use their credit card to purchase extra resources for their character. "We wanted to do something for the players, and make some waves with this game," said Aaron. "The great thing about making payment optional to players, is that it allows all classes of gamers to participate, from the teenager with a tiny allowance to the high-powered Manhattan lawyer."

Playtechtonics LLC was founded in 2001 by Aaron Hunter and Scott Phillips and is based in Austin, TX, USA. The software company equivalent of a garage-band, Playtechtonics has never had investors or formal funding. "Many start-ups spend a lot of time courting investors," said Aaron, "Our philosophy was to completely ignore that, and just make the game." Putting in long hours of coding, Scott and Aaron got to make the massively-multiplayer strategy game that they always wanted to. Freelance artists John Sensebe, Shannon Bjorkquist, John Holland, and Josh Elliott contributed artwork for Starport: Galactic Empires.