Nov. 10th, 2006
Starport Announces 2006 Championship Event

The massively-multiplayer game Starport: Galactic Empires is holding its first annual championship event starting Friday Nov. 10th and ending Nov. 25th. The championship galaxy will "big bang" on the 10th, and then remain online as a persistent game for two weeks, allowing players to build up their empires and compete for top standing by the end of the two week period. The winners will receive unique 2006 champion trophy graphics on their character profile, as well as in-game money they can spend in any of the other on-going Starport galaxies.

Starport has also recently introduced new graphics, and all new original audio, featuring new sound effects and a musical score by Jamie Lendino of Sound For Games Interactive. The new score ranges from ambient to techno to rock, and attempts to capture the grandeur or space travel and the thrill of exploring the unknown. The interface graphics and world art have also been recently upgraded for user-friendliness and to help capture the theme of a gritty, realistic space-travelling future.

The official web site of Starport is Starport is a free MMO supported by its player community through optional in-game sales. It opened its doors in 2004 and has been growing and improving since then. In Starport, players pilot spaceships around star-systems on 2d scrolling planes reminiscent of classic arcade scrolling shooters. It combines this style of control with an in-depth galaxy of thousands of star systems, the ability to build empires and advance your character, and the intrigue of a multi-player environment. Starport has received the highest possible rating of 5 cows and 5 stars respectively from Tucows and TopShareware.